GBTA calls for an end to testing for vaccinated travelers

GBTA calls for an end to testing for vaccinated travelers
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In a statement, the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) calls on the governments of Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America to end COVID-19 testing requirements for vaccinated travelers.

According to the association, the complexity and inconsistency of international requirements for entry and exit testing and regulations remain significant barriers to the return of business travel without bringing additional value demonstrated in matters of health and safety. In question, in particular, is changes in travel or impossibility of schedules.


Arguing for the favorable reception that such relief would constitute, the GBTA eagerly quotes “a recent survey (revealing it) Nearly 50% of respondents want penetration testing requirements waived for people who are vaccinatedSupport away from being massive, therefore.

Where the press release still surprises is in the mix of genres: “Lack of clarity in vaccination policies – whether understanding what types of vaccines are acceptable, recall requirements, or vaccine expiration dates.“We are not on the same topic anymore.

Co – relationship

These reservations aside, a recent CWT study, taking into account the cases of the United Kingdom, Norway and India, indeed, in a spectacular way, demonstrates a very strong correlation between the relaxation of health restrictions and the resumption of travel. .

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By asking for the cessation of trials for those who have been vaccinated, it is an indication of the measures the association is genuinely inclined to. And to warn:As long as misleading and unnecessary screening measures are maintained, earlier projections of a resumption of business travel by 2023 are at risk (subject to further lifting of travel rules) and pushing back a pre-pandemic return to 2024 Will give,

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