Gas station forced to close due to distribution problems

Above all, try to assure yourself to avoid panic buying. Petrol stations operated by BP and its US competitor ExxonMobil have closed in the UK due to fuel shortages amid delivery problems in the country due to a shortage of truck drivers.

Hydrocarbon giant BP said on Thursday (23 September) that“a small number” Britain had its own petrol stations “Temporarily closed due to lack of unleaded fuel and diesel”.

In a statement, the group acknowledges “Some UK sales sites suffer from gasoline supply problems”, because of “Delay in delivery due to shortage of truck drivers across UK”.

For its part, American giant ExxonMobil, the owner of Esso stations, said that a “small number” According to the PA agency, 200 of its stations in Tesco supermarkets were also affected by the problem.

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Avoid Panic Shopping

These supply problems are in particular due to the pandemic, which prompted many truck drivers to return to their countries, while training centers for new drivers remained closed for months.

Also, the arrival of new drivers from the EU is compounded by Brexit, with more complicated immigration formalities. BP says it is working to address these difficulties and give “Priority for Service Stations on Highways, Major Highways and Highest Demand Sites”.

To avoid panic buying at gas stations, the British government is trying to reassure them by making sure there is “No fuel shortage in the UK” and calling people “Buy fuel as usual”.

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“We recognize the challenges facing the region” [logistique] and has taken steps to increase the availability of heavy truck drivers, facilitate procedures for new drivers, and increase the number of driving license tests., details of an official spokesperson.

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