Gary Lineker Wants to Take Refugees: “There’s Enough Space”

Former national player
“There is enough space”: British football legend Gary Lineker wants to take in refugees

Football legend Gary Lineker wants to take on a young refugee

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After his sons left, Gary Lineker has plenty of space in his Surrey home. He now wants to use it to give a temporary home to a refugee.

Gary Lineker is a legend in the English football world. He was considered the best English striker in the 1980s, scoring ten goals in twelve games, the record for the most goals scored by an English international in the World Championship Games.

Nowadays he is regarded as the host of the Premier League show “Match of the Day”. But Gary Lineker not only has a lot to say when it comes to football, the 59-year-old also speaks on political issues. He once took a clear stand against Brexit and also sharply criticized Britain’s refugee policy.

Now he wants to change his words into deeds. As the British “Mirror” reports, the former captain of the English national team wants to take a young refugee in the next few weeks. Their children have been taken out and have “enough space” to share them, according to Rekhankar: “If I can help here at least temporarily, I’d be happy to do it. Why. No?”

After making his home in Surrey by the liner for some time, a permanent house guest could mean a major change, but the host is confident: “I am using young men all around. I have four boys Yes, all of them are somewhere. They are in their twenties and I am sure that my guest will treat my boys better. They can be very dirty. ”

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Gary Lineker: “We Should Put Them In”

Lineker has been campaigning for refugees for quite some time after seeing pictures of the little Alan Kurdi that sank off the coast of Greece in 2015: “It was photos of families who had to die in boats for Greece, which I find incredible Sad to say. It seemed very strange to me how we were standing in front of them with pages and anti-refugee propaganda, where we really should put ourselves in their position. ”

Lineker does not yet know who will go with him. Before their application is approved, representatives of the responsible charity “Refugees at Home” must inspect their home and interview liner. The charity has already organized temporary accommodation for over 2,250 refugees and asylum seekers.

They: “Mirror”


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