Gardener: ECOWAS Keeps Up the Pressure

Mali: ECOWAS keeps up the pressure – the delegation recently visited Bamako and Conakry and their mission report will be examined during a meeting to be held in the capital Accra.

ECOWAS, chaired by Ghana, will hold an extraordinary summit on 7 November to assess the evolution of infections in Mali and Guinea. The delegation recently visited Bamako and Conakry and their mission report will be examined during the meeting to be held in the capital Accra. ECOWAS demands from Mali and Guinea, a speedy return to the constitutional order, after seizing power by force, led by the military.

For a sub-regional organization, the transitions made in both countries must be limited in time. In September, leaders in the region gave the Guinean military six months to hold general elections. For Mali, the authorities in charge of the transition had to hold elections before March 2022, in line with a commitment made to reassure Mali’s allies. But for Guinea, the visit of a delegation led by the president in late October. The ECOWAS Commission seems to have given satisfaction.

Indeed, it was reported that the transitional authorities had taken a number of decisions since last September, the date the government was held, including the drafting of a charter, appointments and the gradual establishment of the government. ‘An extraordinary summit of ECOWAS. Decisions that consolidated their leaders into the existence of a will in Guinea, which seeks to end the ongoing transition from 5 September and thus allow a swift return to the constitutional order that the sub-regional organization seeks “Support and concrete way in practical”.

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Also at the end of the evaluation of Guinea’s file, ECOWAS must show its satisfaction to see the transitional authorities on the right track, necessarily different to that of Mali, whose transition leaders seek to expand. Delay in the transition period and holding presidential and legislative elections to be held on 27 February.

The recent visit of a delegation from ECOWAS to Bamako did not make it possible to reconcile the viewpoints. Mali officials persist in saying that they wish to hold a national meeting before the date of the election is set, especially as they have argued and reported the potential difficulties of disrupting the holding of these elections, as Necessary. of this country. A desire that the sub-regional organizations remain deaf.

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo sent a message of firmness in respect of the officials of the electoral calendar. The transitional authorities were to give a timetable to ECOWAS tomorrow. Will it be valid? On the sidelines of the region’s heads of state summit on Sunday.

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