Gapping craters appear after earthquake in Croatia

In the wake of the deadly earthquake that shook the region in late December, around a hundred circular depressions appeared, sometimes very close to homes, in rural areas of central Croatia.

These sinkholes, the largest of which is 25 meters in diameter, are still another ordeal for residents who are rebuilding even after damage from a magnitude 6.4 earthquake.

A few days after the disaster, the roaring hole killed seven people and destroyed hundreds of buildings and homes in the Petrinja region on 29 December.

According to the Croatian National Geological Survey (HGI), earthquakes and frequent shocks have intensified an incident at work in the region today.

These sinkholes suddenly appear when a cavity is created by erasing underground rocks with water, which at one point can no longer support layers of soil on the surface.

This is a normal process, but the formation of such a large number of cavities in “such a small area” is unusual, Steppen Terejic, an engineer at HGI, told AFP.

With earthquakes multiplying, “many holes have appeared while under normal circumstances they will take decades or longer to form.”

Sinkholes look like small circular ponds as they are filled with emerald groundwater. They were built on agricultural land around the villages of Meksanyi and Borojevi.

With spring approaching and groundwater levels rising, experts called for caution.

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