Gamescom 2021 returns on 24 August with hybrid format and Opening Night Live

With the health crisis, salons are not necessarily very high-side, and many are turning to digital formats to compensate for the lack of physical phenomena. Gamescom Will only happen in August, but it should already be ready to face the impossibility of holding a version similar to the past, given that we still have progress on the state of health in the coming months Visibility is low. This is why we learn that this Gamescom 2021, Which will be from 25 to 29 AugustIs planned to As a hybrid version.

A return physical event but very small

Behind this name, we can see Gamescom will plan face-to-face eventsAlong with the living room, which would reopen its doors, but not all of them.

Not all halls will be occupied this year and the organization plans Filter visitors as much as possible while respecting barrier gestures. There will even be an eSport Part and Cosplay contests subject to security regulations. A commercial corner will also return In Hall 11 to present a special game for the press and other video game players.

To accomplish this, we will also find many digital events, beginning withOpening night live Which is making a comeback this year. It will continue to be hosted and hosted by the show. Geoff keiley And will allow us to discover new games and unpublished trailers. Opening Night Live 2021 will be on 24 August.

So let’s hope that this hybrid format can actually happen and that sanitary conditions allow Gamescom to officially reopen their doors this summer.

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