Games will finally be available on iOS via the App Store

Netflix has finally decided to host its games on the App Store to benefit iOS users. While these are available directly in the Android app, Apple makes it more complicated on the iPhone. The Cupertino company actually prevents developers from offering games anywhere else than on its store.

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On November 3, Netflix formalized its sensational entry into the gaming world. Through its app, the streaming service now offers five games, two of which are Directly inspired by the Stranger Things universe. For now, only Android users can take advantage of this. However, the firm does not specifically want to benefit the latter. If its games aren’t available on iOS yet, it’s due to Apple. Indeed, according to its terms of use for developers, The manufacturer blocks the hosting of the game from an application.

This rule has already caused them some friction with publishers, particularly those behind cloud gaming services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming or Stadia. Plus, according to journalist Mark Gurman, Netflix will have no choice but Offer your games directly on the App Store. In other words, they will not be downloadable from the application. Note that this is already the case on Android. The game is nicely presented in a dedicated tab of the application, but can be accessed from the Play Store.

Netflix forced to follow Apple’s rules

While it certainly isn’t too dramatic to go through the App Store to find Netflix games, we’ll agree that This method is far from being the most practical. Most users would prefer to search directly within the app, without the hassle of making several rounds before reaching their goal. So it is not impossible that Netflix will host its games in the cloud.

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but then again, apple risk blocking. The only solution offered by the Cupertino company is to go through a web application. “Apple has to change its rules or make an exception to Netflix”, says Mark Gurman. ‚ÄúThis leaves the ultimate success of Netflix’s service in the hands of Apple, a longtime partner but also a growing rival. “

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