Game rewards for announcing playable games

Winter Trophy-Slinging Events Game awards like Jeff Kegley’s E3 replacement event in the summer are again full of digital festivities. This basically means that you can buy games for sale and play demos for the games you want to buy while watching the trailers and announcements of the games that you will buy years from now. Oh, and the rewards. They break the schedule rewards between ads. Sales are starting today, but they say more playable games will be announced during the show tomorrow night.

The Game Awards Festival is starting to sell steam where you can get discounts on several of the nominees for the various award categories. Doom Eternal is again selling quite steeply according to Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars JD: Fallen orders. Hades, Crusader Kings 3 and Desperados 3 have all taken prices out, among other things.

As a demo, you can find them now on Steam and GeForce. The big name there seems to be a demo for the upcoming horror platform Little Night Dreamers 2, although there are some more great-looks here with it.

Game Awards added that “more titles will be announced in the coming days and during the Games Awards.” I admit that part is the most interesting because I’m a normal animal who can be excited by a cool trailer and follow the words “And you can play it now!”

I think we’ll get something neat as Hades’s announcement during the show in 2018 and in early access release.

Game Awards will premiere tomorrow, Thursday, December 10, at 4pm PDT / Evening EDT / Twelve GMT. It will be live in all sorts of places, including YouTube and Twitch. Sales run from now until Monday, December 14th.

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Please do not leave any word for your RPS writers who will inform you in this dangerous moment. Although I’m not, I’m just sitting around the clock hoping that something good will come out of that Dragon Age 4 and pray that all the mysterious puppies don’t get involved in it in any way.

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