game | France’s XV: “No Magic Recipe” for the Grand Slam

Cardiff (United Kingdom) – The first of France’s XV since 2010 to succeed in a Grand Slam, “there is no magic recipe”, believes the Glorious Elders, who is still a 2022 success Let’s provide the material for the blues.

After dominating Italy (37–10) and Ireland (30–24), surviving two visits to Scotland (36–17) and Wales (13–9), XV of France now has his 26th title. To achieve this will have to beat England next Saturday. tournament and his 10th Grand Slam.

But, to reach the grill, “there’s no secret, no miracle formula,” says William Servat, Chalamard, in 2004 and 2010.

The former hooker (49 cap), now in charge of France’s XV forward, likens the 2022 blues to “a bunch of friends”.

“It’s not just an image, it’s reality: we have a real team, real solidarity. That gives us the means to find resources for tough times, in times when we may have doubts…”, Sarvat still believes.

He was joined in his analysis by the selection record holder Fabian Pelas with the Blues (118 between 1995 and 2007) and, along with Olivier Magne, one of two Frenchmen to have achieved a Grand Slam four times.

– “Boosting Luck” –

“If there was a recipe, we would implement it every year. But the ingredients are: quality of opponents, conditions, even a little bit of success… The match against Ireland is not much decided: if it is the winger who takes the ball in the 77th minute.. . But he doesn’t take it (in the 79th minute in front of Ireland, editor’s note) and it allows us to continue the adventure to keep hope”, details Pelas to AFP.

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“It’s often the case that when that happens, it’s a match with a little help from luck, things that happen,” said Chelamard, a 42-time Blues captain in 1997, 1998, 2002, 2004. said. ,

Former Toulouse recalls, “Making five perfect matches is complicated. You have to align the planets with the players who win the match, the few little situations that turn a match around and, finally, the state of mind”.

Gonzalo Quesada, currently head coach of Stade Française, but who was in the French staff during the 2010 coronation, also praises “a freshness, a state of mind, a group that expresses something”.

Same story from Rafael Ibanez. According to the current manager of the Blues, winners of four tournaments, including two Grand Slams at stake (1998, 2002), “we must count on two years of experience with this group”.

– Collective experience –

“Today, at the level of staff and players, there is enough experience to know that in a Six Nations tournament all points count. The last two tournaments have shown us that all points matter. In a tournament, regardless of the opponents. No concentration is required,” he said. told AFP.

And despite recent successes, Antoine DuPont’s peers should not ignite. “You shouldn’t be distracted by the comments. The tournament is the major competition. It’s a decision of peace for international rugby in the Northern Hemisphere. Essentially, it’s a lot of excitement, a lot of excitement around the matches and therefore the various and varied comments”, still The former admits to Hooker.

“To win a tournament, all that matters is the action, it’s the pitch: you need constant concentration in preparing for matches and an extra spirit that allows you to go and get stars”, said Ibanez Assured. Decision Saturday.

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