Game between British Berber and Samoa canceled

Hours before the start of the meeting, this Saturday at Twickenham Stadium in London (3:30 pm French time), the English Federation (RFU) had to announce the cancellation of the match between the British Barbarians and Samoa . In the morning, six positive COVID cases were detected in the ranks of Berber, four players and two staff members. This is the second year in a row that a game for British barbarians has had to be cancelled. On 23 October 2020, after two nights outings by several team members, their meeting against England could not take place, despite very strict health protocols.

This time, it’s a major disappointment for 37-year-old Samoan Joe Tekori, second in line at Stade Toulouse, who had to honor his final selection in a team led by captain Paul Allo-एmile, the pillar of the French stadium.

After consultation with the Barbarian Committee and the South African Union, the RFU has decided to move the meeting between the female Barbarian and the female Springbok forward to the schedule initially scheduled for the men to enable spectators to attend a match However, the full ticket money will be refunded.

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