Gals and Genetics, Vitamin D and Tycho Brahe: Science News

In archaeology: Iron Age Gallic populations analyzed through the prism of genetics

  • The genetics of gulls are still completely unknown to us, researchers have devoted themselves to the study of this topic.
  • The task was difficult as most of the Gauls were cremated, thus removing all traces of bones. However, some were found, which made the study possible.
  • The study showed a great genetic homogeneity among Gallic populations of the Iron Age. On the way, they learned that those below the age of ten were buried, while those above the age of 10 were cremated.

In type: Frost and snow, agricultural crops at risk of freezing

  • On 1 April, after an unusually mild winter, snow and frost resumed. After this cold, the crop may be in danger.
  • This wave of cool, moist air came directly from Norway and was intensified by the moisture-laden depression.
  • There are two types of frost: white, which forms with moist air and weak air, and black, invisible, which occurs with dry air and strong winds.

Healthy: Vitamin D supplements don’t protect against coronavirus

  • It has been proven that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of a severe form of covid, but correcting this deficiency with food supplements is useless.
  • British researchers conducted tests to verify the hypothesis of protection against COVID by vitamin D, but the result was unfortunately negative.
  • This hypothesis was born after a previous study showed that people with severe covid were often deficient in vitamin D.

In Space: Tycho Brahe Medal awarded to an astrologer

  • Jean-Luc Stark is honored for his work on the development of new techniques for analyzing and exploiting data from European telescopes.
  • Very involved in transmission and training, the scientist has welcomed more than 30 doctoral students and postdocs to his team, and has organized 24 astrostatistics conferences as well as three summer schools.
  • After the exponential growth in the data collected, astrophysics has become essential for the smooth conduct of missions and observation missions. This discipline was officially recognized as a branch of astronomy in 2010.

In Health: New discoveries about hypnosis and consciousness

  • When you are in hypnosis, an area of ​​the brain blocks the information before it reaches the area where it will be processed.
  • When the person is under hypnosis, we cannot detect P300, this brain wave that characterizes awareness of a stimulus.
  • Hypnotic tips can cure paralysis without any physical damage.

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