Gage’s return, picking supporters is a “heartbreak” for LOU rugby.

As of Monday, January 3, its capacity will be reduced from 25,000 seats to 5,000 with the addition of sanitary gauges to the playgrounds at the Matmut Stadium in Gerland. (Photo by Olivier Chasignol/AFP)

In an effort to curb the 5th wave of Covid-19, the government unveiled new health measures earlier this week, including the return of gauges to sports grounds for three weeks. Beyond the ensuing economic difficulties, LOU Rugby’s president, Yann Rubert, is also expected to make a choice to respect the 5,000 places limit among his supporters.

Until now, LoU Rugby had passed in the midst of the drops of the 5th wave of Covid-19, not detecting the presence of the virus in its workforce despite a risky trip to the United Kingdom, where the number of Covid cases is exponential. By Monday, 3 January, the situation will change for the Lyon club with the return of health gauges to playgrounds, a measure unveiled at the beginning of the week by Jean Casteaux to curb the pandemic.

So for three weeks,”Large gatherings will be limited to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors“Pragmatic, President of LOU Rugby, Yann Rubert,” explained the Prime Minister.Know very well that the government does not do this from the heart., for all that he does not judge that decision, which was scary, “terrible in every way,

“We are awaiting details to know whether all hospitality and refreshments are restricted to […] The extent of the disaster will be known only after getting all this data.”
LOU Rugby President Yann Rubert

For a club like LOU, whose stadium can accommodate 25,000 people and which draws its resources for the most part from the presence of the public, the coming weeks will be complicated. Tuesday, 28 December, is estimated in the National Rugby League (LNR) as well as in French professional rugby.over 60%“Revenue will be linked to the attendance of the spectators. However, in the LoU,”It is about 80%, because in addition to the TV rights that we continue to receive and which represent about 15% of our income, it is true that the rest is connected with what is happening in the stadium and the activities of the public.“, guesses the club’s president, organized by the group GL Events.

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What about the third half?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements, the management of the Lyon team was still struggling to measure the true impact of Gage’s return. ,We await details to know if all hospitality and refreshments are just prohibited, or if we can keep people seated […] The extent of the disaster will be known only after getting all these figures.“This is how Yann Rubert assures us, while maintaining the expectation that the seating portion is maintained, as is the case in restaurants.

Gerland Stadium
Yann Rubert, LOU Rugby President, is currently sixth in the top 14. © Tim Douett

Because that’s what makes the soul so dear to rugby, the third half,”This environment is essential to both tradition and finance”, the 44-year-old leader breathed his last. This warm atmosphere will be tasted for the last time by all Lyon supporters at the Racing 92 reception this Sunday, 2 January, on the eve of the Gauge’s entry into force. If the caution is clearly maintained on the part of the club, given the health situation.”We hope that all those who have it, are in good health and have been vaccinated will come to see us and support us before this period will be difficult.,

How do you choose who gets to the stadium?

So after 3 January, the club will have to choose between its supporters, specifically for the top 14 match against Pau and the European Cup against Travis. ,At 5,000 the gauge is clearly too low, allowing not all customers to come in and making it difficult. People who have seats, have tried to attend the match and leave some out, it’s a terrible heartbreak. We have to do this on a case-by-case basis, it’s choices we hate to make”, laments Yann Rubert already.

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,We hope the 5,000 lucky people who may be there will make noise for everyone who has to leave at the door.,
LOU Rugby President Yann Rubert

For the time being, the club’s managers will consider.”To try to keep the hard core of both the customers who had replaced them for a long time and then our main partner“, sum up to Lyon Capital Lu’s president, who “sees a revival”Anxiety, emotional, sports, logistical and financial when we thought they were behind us since the fall,

Discussion to help clubs

For those who purchased their place and who will not have the chance to access Gerland’s Matmut Stadium during the next LU meetings, a refund will be made, which will lead to substantial construction.”one hell of a logistical and financial mess“. In 2020 and 2021, in order”Reimbursement of these ticket office losses“In French sport, the Ministry of Sports issued 107 million and 100 million euros, according to AFP. In the fall of 2020, French rugby had a profit of 40 million euros.

Discussions between the National Rugby League (NRL) and the executive have begun in recent aid for clubs,The bulk of our income is tied to these match day receipts and if we can’t have them, then of course we’ll have to resort to assistance, unfortunately, to make up for this loss.“, explains Yann Rubert, one of the vice presidents of the LNR.

hopefully wait”a more calm spring”, president of the top 14 resident “The joint is expected to limit breakage” doing, “Always, rugby players’ health a top priority,

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