Gabonese economy is doing well

The head of mission “Gabon” at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Boileau Yeyinou Loko, highlighted the resumption of economic activities in the country after months of recession due to Covid-19. “Economic growth is resuming in the country. It is true that this recovery is still timid, but in an environment where there is a pandemic and where the whole world economy is suffering, it is already a first step”, said Boileau Yeyinou Loko on the mission of performance appraisal of economic sectors Declared in Gabon.

According to the “Gabon” mission chief at the IMF, recovery is in effect with short-term growth projected at 3% of GDP in 2020 against 1.3%. However, Yeiyinou Loko emphasized the need to invest in non-oil sectors.

“Gabon must invest in infrastructure and human capital to provide jobs, the first condition being so that all young Gabonians can live decently”, he emphasized.

In this sense, the mission will urge the government to eliminate tax exemptions and revive the oil sector to raise the revenues needed to finance public investment. Therefore, these will be an important pillar in enabling Gabon to achieve its economic objectives.

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