Gabon: Ministerial reshuffle with a woman in defense

#gabon The Gabonese government was slightly reshuffled on Tuesday with the appointment of a new defense minister, according to a decree by the head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba.

Felicite Ongouri Ngoubilli, a former Gabonese ambassador to France and the European Union, but relatively unknown on the national scene according to Gabonese media, has been appointed defense minister.

In the event of a vacancy in power or the interruption of the President of the Republic, she – along with the presidents of the two chambers of parliament – would ensure the interim head of state until a new election or “in the event of”. Non-availability temporary”, as per constitutional amendment of December 2020.

Former Defense Minister and former Ambassador of Gabon to the United States, Michael Moussa Adamo, has been appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Former followers of the head of state, according to Gabonese media, are also coming into the government, as are Yves-Fernand Manfoumbi, appointed minister of commerce.

Most of the ministerial departments remain unchanged. Prime Minister Rose Christian Osuka Raponda has retained Bongo’s confidence.

The reshuffle comes exactly a year after the presidential election. President Ali Bongo, elected nearly thirteen years ago to succeed his father Omar Bongo Ondimba and physically infirm from a stroke in October 2018, must stand for a new mandate.

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