G20: Vaccine export ban lifted

Trade ministers of G20 countries have pledged to disseminate more coronavirus vaccines by lifting export restrictions since the start of the health crisis and when these countries reach the third dose. Significant disparities still exist in access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Ministers of 20 world powers adopted the final declaration after their meeting in Italy to promote “equitable distribution” of vaccines and establish a “multilateral and transparent trading system”.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, whose country chairs the G20, announced the “relaunch of multilateralism” to the press after the meeting. The trade ministers also said that there is a need to set up vaccine production plants in developing countries.

The approach comes two years after the start of the global health crisis and has seen developed countries turn themselves on, receiving millions of doses, far more than they need, to help poor countries vaccinate their populations. Leaving no chance.

These same countries refused to listen to appeals from the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), who repeatedly asked him to redistribute additional doses, or even not to start administering a third dose. to leave them in uneducated countries.

The Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo Iwela, who took over the institution after going through great difficulties, pointed out to 20 world powers that only 1.4% of the 6 billion doses injected into the world are low-income countries. were capable. As an average in rich countries 58% should be vaccinated against.

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