Fury in the United Kingdom about pedophile Gary Glitter vaccinated in luxury prison

The 76-year-old musician has been in jail since 2015 because he cannot stay away from young girls. In ‘The Verne’ (nicknamed ‘Luxury Alcatraz’), he does not lead a bad life. The prison is known for its delightful location and easy living conditions. Also, Glitter is still fetching a lot of money with her music. To complete the party, the ‘King of Glam’ has also received his vaccination.

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This creates some resentment from the rest of the world. David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention in particular thinks the vaccination sequence should be given a little more thought: ‚ÄúThere are still countless required staff and susceptible people, who have not yet received an injection. It is wrong to favor criminals. Imagine a prison watchdog keeping an eye on that glitter and you have not yet got yourself vaccinated. It will not make you happy. “

Not carried forward

Despite this, the British government maintains that there is no quick vaccination in prisons. Glitter is an old man, so there was still time for his vaccination.

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