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Crazy about rugby? Then have a rugby hero printed on your closet.
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Mintjens Meubelfabriken in Westmalle is launching a ‘Customized Cabinet Experience Center’ with the option to print cabinets with your own photos.

Following its decision to sell directly to private person through Mintgens Factory Direct, the factory is adapting its showroom to the new standards of today. As a specialist in custom-made wardrobes and dressings, Mintjens is launching an experience centered around custom-made wardrobes. A first and unique in Belgium is the possibility to print all furniture with photos and text with a special flatbed printer.

“Today everyone is trying to be more affordable with the available space,” said spokesman Javier Verelen. “That’s why bespoke cabinets in all sizes are so popular. It can range from bookcases to television furniture to storage cabinets. At Mintzens, we want to respond to this trend and we’ve customized our machinery. Make the volume factory appealing.” Prices allow you to offer the rapidly growing demand for storage space in the ever-growing segment of the home office.

Mintzens uses only wood veneer panels, which guarantees the quality and natural touch. “Durst, the impressive flatbed printer only in our country, is in its segment Rolls-Royce, which is located in a furniture factory and allows to print photos directly on wood in 2.5 meters in size and unlimited length. It may be landscape photos, but Can be selfies, pets or even your most precious family photos,” says Verelen. “Using specially adapted inks, the print quality is alive.”

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In 1961 Karel Mintjens started the furniture factory of the same name. Since March of this year, Mintgens has been selling directly to private individuals through its Mintgens Factory Direct brand. A tour can be booked till July 3 through

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