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The past few weeks have been a turbulent period for Nintendo and its fan community, to say the least. Following the closure of the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. tournament with plans to use third-party software to run the event online, several teams at the Splatoon 2 North American Open used the hashtag “Free Meli” in their name in protest. The live stream was canceled for the Splatoon 2 final, with more felt fans who felt Nintendo had interfered.

Now, Nintendo seems to be angry with fans again, after sending a stop-and-go letter to CustomJoy-Con creators who were selling itika-themed shells for charities.

Content creator Capt. Alex, who runs an Estee store that sells custom controllers, says he sent a truce from Nintendo covering all of his products and the attics were mixed. “When [Nintendo] They didn’t tell me why each design was dropped, they included a list of copyrights in my designs, and the word win-con was on that list, “said Captain Alex.” This is my only design specifically keeping an eye on it, including the word win, so they were clearly referring when they attached it. “

Atticons has been named Desmond “Attica” Amofah, the popular YouTuber known for his Nintendo content, who took his own life in June 2019. As part of a successful fundraising campaign, Controller Shell was sold to raise money for the Jedi Foundation, a mental health charity for teens and young adults in the United States. By December last year, Surpassed উদ্যোগ 10k (.5 7.5k) for enterprise charities.

The reason why the Iticons coined the trademark term Joy-Con was to mention the name of the Itikan fan community, the Joaquin Boys. According to CptnAlex, about 30 to 40 sets of shells remain, which he will probably gift at future conferences but cannot sell to charities. CPTNlex has since said it will consider republishing the shells with a modified design to remove the word Joycon Boys and the Switch Split logo.

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Eurogamer contacted Nintendo to comment on the break and stopped, but has not yet heard.

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It looks like Nintendo sent Clint & Dissight back to Captain Alex in September, but the news of the ban was broken the previous day. Although Nintendo technically has the right to pursue copyright infringement lawsuits, many fans are outraged by Nintendo’s decision to block a charity initiative. Combined with the pre-existing rage about Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon 2 tournaments, it was enough to support Nintendo trending on Twitter with 167k tweets at the time of writing (although not everything will be related to fan controversy).

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The universe reaction began when the Super Smash Bros. tournament Big House announced that it was forced to cancel its online December event because Nintendo objected to plans to use Slippy Mod as part of the event. The software enables Super Smash Bros. to play Meli online and is used by The Big House as an alternative to hosting private events during the coron virus epidemic. Nintendo said it had requested the tournament organizers to cut off communication. “They refused, leaving Nintendo with no choice but to take steps to protect its intellectual property and brands” (via Polygon).

The Splatoon 2 players then decided to support the Smash Tournament by engaging with the #freemily movement on social media. According to The commenter is slimLast weekend, about 30 percent of the teams at the North American Open signed up in support of Meli and Smash. When the live broadcast for the final was canceled due to “unexpectedly effective challenges”, the finger was immediately pointed at Nintendo – although the company’s involvement in the cancellation has not yet been confirmed.

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Nonetheless, it was enough to get fans to voice their grievances about Nintendo’s business decision, and the Joyan-Con Shells donation seems to have stopped and the rejection seems to have taken the reaction to new heights. Yet given Nintendo’s record of strict copyright enforcement, I doubt these decisions will be reversed any time soon.

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