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Column for charging electric cars So far considered a useful tool and little more. Certainly, certain design elements such as size, height and color were taken into account by the people who built them. As well as displays that should be as clear as possible. However, No one has yet found a solution to make them completely recognizable and even iconic in their own way..

A request to this effect has come from the UK. Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps hoped that the columns would become recognizable even outside British borders, as was the case with the Royal Mail’s post office box or telephone booth.. The so-called post box and phone box, both red, are as much a part of British culture as the double-decker bus. “Design plays a pivotal role in supporting the transition to zero-emissions vehicles, and for this reason I want to see iconic and recognizable charging points like red telephone booths, London buses or black cabs.Shaps said.

That’s exactly why the Transport Department confirmed Appointment of Royal College of Art and PA Consulting as consultant for the creation of recognizable charging stations and easily ‘adoptable’ by the population. Not only that, the work done will have to generate more interest in electric cars, as Boris Johnson’s government plans to turn Britain into a battery-powered paradise.

He immediately accepted the challenge at the Royal College of Art. Clive Clive Grinier, Head of Service Design, said: “This is an incredible opportunity to support an element of street furniture that will be part of the national culture of the future. Our organization has always been at the forefront of doing this kind of work for the last 180 years, and therefore we are honored to play a role in the power transition. Without forgetting that columns should be a positive, inclusive, user-friendly experience“.

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