From Sochi, Mackie sends a subliminal message to Sal Algeria and Polisario.

#morocco : It is from Sochi in Russia, the African Union President Mackie Sall chose to launch a subliminal message to Algerian leaders and their Polisario subordinates.

On June 3, 2022, in an address to his host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mackie Sall very earnestly expelled the Polisario puppet state from the countries he was the current President of the African Union (AU) during this visit. came to represent.

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“I salute the role of Russia in the fight for the independence of African countries. Africa will never forget this role. This friendship in the name of which I come to the 54 countries of the African Union brings us great hope and we Want to strengthen not only bilateral cooperation ties, ties between Russia and Africa, but also talk about the crisis and its consequences for our country,” he said.

This is clearly a way of dismissing SADR and sending a message to Algiers. Because, by choosing this murderous little phrase, the President of Senegal clearly shows the position of the overwhelming majority of the continent’s states that do not want to hear about the Algerians and Polisario’s claims on the southern provinces of Morocco.

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Who else besides Algeria believes that the SADR has the characteristics of a state? Polisario leaders appear only during African Union summits or at meetings where they have to be pushed to appear in family photos. For the diplomacy of Senegal, whose country is one of 27 with diplomatic representation in Dakhla or Laoune, the question of Western Sahara has certainly been settled for a long time. The intangibility of Moroccan territorial integrity is a matter of principle.

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The fact that the president of the African Union goes to Russia, one of Algerian best friends, to dismiss SADR is the best evidence of this.

This little phrase seems to have not escaped the media in Algerian salaries, which accuse the president of the AU of bias in the dispute between Algiers and Rabat over the Sahara.

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