From Italy to Science for Kindergarten

Saint-Georges-sur-Eure. (PC Art 2 Col) From Italy to Science for Kindergarten in the Leisure Center. The kindergarten recreation centre, which was set up at the Jean-Moulin primary school in Saint-Georges-sur-Eure since July 5 and has welcomed an average of forty-eight children, closed its doors on Friday.

“We offered different themes each week: Italy with the arrival of a pizza maker, animals with a day at the Beauval Zoo, a large amusement park located near Le Mans, the circus for Papia Park, and ending with science. For small experiments carried out by trainee scientists” presented to Julie Sereau, director of the center as the head of a team of six animators.

She adds: “The health crisis and meteorology have disrupted the functioning of the center and the entertainment program to some extent, but despite this, everything went well in the functional complex”.

On Friday, the program was full of enthusiasm. Tomorrow Monday, kindergarten children will be welcomed along with elementary children at the Jerome-Dufour Leisure Centre.

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