Fritts and Virel separate wheat from chaff in ‘Boer Seacus Woman’:

‘Farmer Wants Wife’ turns into a gear. Chicken breeder Fritts (23) from Hamont and horse caretaker Veerle (29), both of Dilsen-Stokem, are two of their favorite survivors.

The election was not as difficult for the Frites. It was no longer a secret that he had been a bean for 23-year-old forensic auditor Hain from Whelan. But things are also getting better with Ann-Sophie, a 23-year-old student of Peer. Lise (25) from Dern therefore falls on the side of the road. Luckily she was feeling moody for a while and had no difficulty with her choice.

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Veerle was passionate. Not so much because the election was so difficult, but because she does not want to hurt anyone. Raffaele and Tom were beaten by 33-year-old security officer and rider Thibut from Stannfell and 28-year-old train conductor and tennis teacher Nellis from Rhone.

Later, another time was also noted: during a game of rugby, he tackled Tom so hard that his shoulder collapsed. At first he did not give a kick and gave himself back into place, though he had a difficult time shortly afterwards.

Next Monday, Tristan, Bart, David and Driss’s favorite moments are planned.

Fritts and Veerle separate wheat from chaff in 'Boar Seek's Woman': only two favorites can remain
Photo: DPG
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