Friend says ‘he wants justice’ for Chad Daybell’s first late wife

In a statement Friday, the mysterious death of apocalyptic Chad Daybell said something went wrong in the days before a librarian’s untimely fall to a friend close to his first wife, who is currently being investigated by the Chief Public Prosecutor in Idaho.

Tammy Daybell’s friend Mandy Fowler, who worked with her at the Central Primary School, said that when Tammy last saw her, she looked away.

“I was coming to ask him another book recommendation and he was really busy and didn’t want to talk much,” said

“Maybe he looked a little nervous and that was not typical for him.”

It was claimed that Tammy had “died in her sleep peacefully” at Salem, Idaho house, which she shared with Chad early in the morning on October 19, 2019, according to the obituaryand his death was originally due to natural causes.

Chad Daybell Tammy Daybell
Chad Daybell with his first late wife, Tammy.

However, when Tammy’s husband Chad married Lori Vallow a few weeks later and suddenly became the center of an investigation into Vallow’s two missing children, the authorities began to become suspicious and took his body out for an autopsy.

Fowler and other “multiple sources” said he refused to perform an autopsy when Tammy died at Chad’s exit. He said that the friends were uneasy from the funeral, which was held just three days after he died and rushed in Utah.

“I can’t do anything but think that I want to know what happened to Tammy,” Fowler told

“I want justice for Tammy.”

Officials said the results of the autopsy are still pending.

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Chad is detained for two serious crimes to hide, change or destroy evidence after the remains of Vallow’s two missing children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, are buried in Idaho. Backyard earlier this week.

The children had not been seen since September.

On Thursday, one of Chad’s sons that he shared with Tammy was spotted at the facility that carried things out of the house, Daily Mail reported.

“I can say that, but it isn’t,” said Garth Daybell to the videographer. Tyson Draper is shocked by his father’s arrest.

“Keep supporting us, we appreciate your love and support… We feel your prayers.”

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