Friday, 25 September Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

Friday, 25 September Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

Three more people have died of coronavirus in Wales and more than 300 more cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in Wales.

Figures from Public Health Wells (PhW) show that on Friday, September 25, 320 new lab-confirmed cases of Covid-19 were found – a slight drop from the 348 recorded the day before.

The PLW also confirmed that three people have died of the lab-confirmed coronavirus since the outbreak began in Wales, bringing the total to 1,6060.

Belena Gowent, who is currently one of six local authorities under local lockdown, recorded 201.8 positive events per 100,000 population last week – somehow in most cases of any local authority in Wales.

Only four local authorities in England have the highest rates last week – Bolton 218.4, South Tyneside 205.3, Burnley 204.7 and Nowsale 204.2.

Blaine Gowant also had a test positive rate of 11.9%, which is a national average of 4. Over the past seven days, there have been more positive cases in Blauna Gowant (population 699,000) than Cardiff (with a population of 3 36k above 4%), with 139 cases and local lockdowns.

Meredith Tidfill (199.1) and Ronda Sinon Taf (128.5) continue to have extremely high cases per 100,000, while Wales’ average per 100,000 population now stands at 44.9, up from 43.2 the day before.

This Friday’s full details:

  • News of death today: 3
  • Cases reported today: 320 (down from 348 on Thursday)
  • Number of new tests: 10,854 (up to 11,030 on Thursday)
  • Total deaths in Wales with lab-confirmed coronavirus: 1,609

On Friday, Rhonda Sinon Taff (RCT) recorded the highest number of 47 cases (although it was lower than from yesterday), followed by Blaina Gowant with 35, Bridges with 31, Cardiff with 29 and Swansea with 28.

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There have been 20 new cases of Marthi’s Tidefill, 19 of Kneith Port Talbot, 16 of Flinshire, 12 of Kerfili, 11 of Carmetshire, nine of Canberra and Denbighshire, nine of Newport and Rexham, eight of Glamorgan’s Vel, seven of Glamorgan’s Velvet and three of Pavis and Torf. Pembrokeshire had two.

There were no new positive cases of the virus in Angelsey and Cidergion.

These are the maximum seven-day rolling total areas in the new case. All statistics reported as adaptation cases for the population (per 100,000 people):

Anurin Bevan University Health Board

Kerfili: 35.3 (below)

Newport: 33..6 (down)

Blaena Gowant: 2017.8 (up)

Turfen: 28.7 (unchanged)

Monmouthshire: 9.5 (above)

Betsy Cadwalder University Health Board

Conve: 26.4 (above)

Denbighshire: 26.1 (above)

Flintshire: 26.3 (above)

Anglesey: 17.1 (below)

Rexham: 12.5 (above)

Guided: .4.4 (below)

Cardiff and Valley University Health Board

Cardiff: 37.9 (below)

Glamorgan Valley: 24 (below)

CWM Taf Glamorgan University Health Board

Merthyr Tydfil: 169.1 (up)

Rhonda Sinon Taf: 128.5 (down)

Bridge: 77.5 (above)

Hael DDA University Health Board

Carmarthenshire: 45 (down)

Pembrokeshire: 10.3 (above)

Sardigion: 4.1 (unchanged)

Powers Teaching Health Board

Capacity: 7.6 (above)

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Swansea: 56.3 (above)

Neat Port Talbot: 25.8 (above)

Wales Overall: 44.9 (above)

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On Friday afternoon, Health Minister Van Gogh confirmed that the cities of Cardiff, Swansea and Carmarthenshire, Llenley, would be subject to a local lockdown this weekend.

The Lanley lockdown takes effect on Saturday evening and the lockdown in Cardiff and Swansea will begin on Sunday evening. Mr Gehing called on the people of the two countries not to “act like a final blow this weekend”.

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The change means about 1.5 million people in eight council territories and one city will be subject to local sanctions – half of the Welsh population.

“There’s a special challenge around us in Lollipop that is well-identified in this city, it’s an influential spread that’s out of control,” Mr. Gaying said.

“We have talked to the local authorities, we have talked to the local health board and we understand the need to act and work as soon as possible.

Mr Gihing said locals’ bans have been reviewed for Kerfili, which has been locked for a fortnight.

He said since these were introduced in the county the number of cases there has been steadily declining

He said there is a very high level of consent, which has made a “real difference”. The restrictions, however, will last for at least the next seven days.

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