French truck drivers stranded in United Kingdom: situation resolved on Saturday

According to the Port’s management, more and more trucks descend on Kailash on Friday from the English shores, which “completely sort out” on the day on Saturday.

“Yesterday, we recorded traffic of 1,000 heavy goods vehicles coming from Dover (Great Britain). At 10.00 am today, 550 heavy goods vehicles have already returned from Great Britain. At this rate, the situation is needed. Tomorrow in the day completely Absorbed from “, AFP told the company’s deputy managing director, which operates the ports of Calais and Boglene-sur-Mer, Benoit Rochet.

Exceptionally, the port is open and ferry companies are operating on Christmas day, only moving vehicles in the Dover-Kailas direction. An AFP correspondent reported that several heavy goods vehicles once reached the highway directly after arrival.

On behalf of Channel Tunnel, the concession company Getlink (Eurotunline) which operates it has indicated that 1,942 trucks returned to France on Thursday, and 478 am on Friday at 11:00 am. According to the British Army, as of Thursday afternoon, there were 3,200 trucks left and at least 1,800 drivers had been tested.

Thousands of drivers in France, concerned about a new strain of the potentially more infectious novel Coronavirus, identified in the south-east of France, closed their borders to arrive from the United Kingdom at midnight on Sunday. Including Dover, the main cross-channel port and the neighboring tunnel, through which thousands of heavy goods vehicles ply every day.

If France allowed traffic to resume on Wednesday morning, it required a negative test, requiring days of work to check Kovid’s positive or negative status. Twenty-five Pas-de-Calas firefighters are on Friday to test on French citizens, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service said on social networks. On Thursday, 25 firefighters and civil security members from the North made a round trip.

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