French fishermen no longer have access to Jersey waters

French fishermen now have to prove that they have reared fish in Jersey waters for an average of 10 days per year for the past three years.

The Norman Regional Fisheries Committee on Friday complained that Norman and Breton fishermen would no longer be able to fish in the territorial waters of Jersey, although they had the right until May 1.

“Jersey decided to ban this morning” for Norman fishermen with licenses in the Gulf of Granville with access to its waters (which reaches Brittany, editor’s note), stated by Brexit in question, in regional committee A press release reads “Trauma for Norman Fishing”.

However, “it was expected that during the 120-day transition period, fishermen with a Grenville Bay license could continue to fish in Jersey waters.”

When contacted by AFP, the Ministry of the Sea stated that it had not received any official communication from Jersey at this level.

According to the Norman Regional Committee, 57 ships, including only 36 Normans, were accepted by Jersey this Friday out of a total of 340 holders of the Bay of Granville license.

Aureli Leroy, director of the Channel Islands office, justifies this decision by the fact that “the transition period the Jersey government set for the continuation of water use is not recognized by the European Commission”.

“It’s getting hellish”

According to the EU agreements with the United Kingdom on Brexit, this transition period is not “conforming”, “Jersey can no longer do other than impose it as a fishing license,” – he clarified.

Under Brexit fishing agreements, French fishermen now have to prove that they have caught an average of 10 days per year of fish in Jersey waters for the past three years.

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Ms. Leroy states that a transition period was put in place to give time to French fishermen. Because while boats equipped with a GPS can easily prove that they have been in the water, it takes longer for smaller boats that do not have one.

Jersey “The French government, the European Union, the United Kingdom, recommends sending documents as soon as possible through the legal process so that the request reaches”. Channel Island claimed to have “prepared their teams to issue permits as soon as possible. In a few hours, these permits can be issued,” Ms. Leroy said.

Jacques Dudet of the Britney Regional Fisheries Committee commented, “This is causing these laxities.”

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