French architect Renée Gelhostat honored in UK

“Even among architects, Renée Gelhostet is not a celebrity”, lift him up financial Times, However, at almost 93 years of age, the French woman has been awarded one of the most prestigious prizes in the field: the Architecture Prize, awarded by the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom.

In a press release detailing its choice, published on 31 May, the jury of the Royal Academy of Arts states that it wished to shed light on “Extraordinary Contribution” Renée Gelhostat for social housing in France and “His Inspiring Attitude” urban planning”. He salutes an architect capable of mixing “Generosity, Beauty, Ecology and Social Inclusion” in his brutally inspired works.

Conceived by Jean Renaudy

Born in Oran in 1929, Renée Gelhostet began her career in 1961 after leaving the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. It was quickly noticed for its revolutionary social housing. In 1968, the communist town hall of Ivory-sur-Seine in the suburbs of Paris asked him to arrange a renovation of the city centre. The working class city was then in full demographic growth.

Renée Gelhostat called Jean Renadi (1925–1981) to his side. both become “Partners in work and love” and contribute to shaping the ivory city as we know it today, say financial Times. “But the name of Gelhostat has faded a little from the collective architectural memory, while Reynody, who died in 1981, remains the object of a kind of cult”, British daily continues.

the sweetness of the octagon

Was it because Reynodi was a man, at a time when architecture remained a predominantly male domain? Or because his works, characterized by the use of concrete and the rigidity of their forms, are more photogenic? The newspaper is lost in conjectures to explain the relative oblivion in which Renée Gelhostet drowned. But he wants to defend his work, often downplaying the size of the octagon:

“While Renaudy’s part, triangular designs may have become totemic in 1970s ivory, the buildings designed by Gelhostet (mainly HLM and mixed-use buildings) are characterized by soft lines and perhaps a preference given to privacy. “

Renee Gelhostet still lives in Ivory-sur-Seine, “In an apartment he designed fifty years ago”, give details financial Times. Old and fragile, she did not respond to daily demands. His award should be presented to him in London in September.

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