Free Trade Agreement between EU and UK is here

A week before the end of the Brexit transition period, Brussels and London finally agreed to a free trade agreement. There is great relief on both sides, and Boris Johnson’s administration has already started selling the contract as a major success.

The provisions of the treaty between Great Britain and the European Union come into force from 1 January 2021.

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The British tabloid media celebrated the “Brexit Deal” on its first pages as a Christmas occasion on Thursday morning. But after eleven months of negotiations, tactical threatening gestures and countless missed deadlines, some observers were surprised that the Brexit agreement faced further delays directly at home and lengthened the agreement to arrive on Christmas Eve Was. But shortly before 4pm Weisser Rauch arrived from Brussels and saw the comfort of the cameras by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her chief negotiator Michel Barnier when they confirmed that the United Kingdom and the European Union had finally agreed to a comprehensive trade agreement To keep. “It took a while, but now we have an agreement,” von der Leyen said. «It was a long and rocky road. But the result is good ». Boris Johnson, who appeared to the media a short time later in London, also found considerable relief: the agreement not only guaranteed Great Britain full economic and political freedom, he said, but also good news for the whole of Europe.

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