Francophony: Franco-Moroccan novelist Leula Slamani and more than a dozen celebrities received her Friday at Elysée

Friday, March 19, 2021 at 1:29 pm

Paris – Franco-Morocco novelist Leula Slamani, personal representative of Emmanuel Macron for Francophonie and godmother of the 2021 edition of Semaine de la Lunga Française et de la Franconi, as well as a dozen celebrities involved in the promotion. The President of France said that it would be received by President Emmanuel Macron on Friday at the Elysée Palace on the eve of French Day.

Among the personalities to be gained at Elysée is Francophony Louise Mushikiwabo, or the Secretary General of the International Organization for International Eric Orcena.

According to the सीlysée Palace cited by the media in France, the purpose of this meeting is to “kick in” the preparations for the Francophonie Summit scheduled for 20 and 21, 2021 in Tunisia.

Every year, on 20 March, the International Day of La Francophonie is celebrated internationally in French-speaking countries, but also among those where the French language is less widespread.

Due to the health context associated with the Kovid-19 pandemic, the day, held this year under the theme “Francophone Women, Resilient Women”, is celebrated in a virtual format with special programming recorded and broadcast. is. OIF in Paris.

The event is held for the presentation of the Five Continents Prize to the winner of 2020, Betta Ububaye Mircey, a special mention for her novel “All Your Scattered Children” and Paul Kavecak for his novel “Trebreb” . It was also marked by the launch of “Dixnair de Francophones”, an online participatory dictionary with more than 500,000 listed words and expressions from 52 countries and 112 locations, reflecting the diversity and richness of the French language.

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The project, led by the OIF, Agence Universitrit de la Francophonie and the International Institute for the University of Francophonie Jean Moulin Lyon III, led by the French Ministry of Culture, makes it possible to understand, share, but capture the terms of Francophony , Also to store, describe and comment.

Francophones in all countries can propose words intended to reach one million entries, according to their usage and contexts, in addition to 500,000 original words.

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