France’s XV makes his World Cup debut

“World Cup, of course we think about it, but only from Monday”, explained to Antoine Dupont in the microphone of France television after the win against England (25-13), Saturday March 19. This success allowed France to win the Six Nations tournament, achieving the tenth Grand Slam in its history.

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Thus the captain of the Blues, in his own way, claimed a respite for two days before moving on to the story of this XV of France, whose mind will now turn to September 8, 2023. The Blues will then face their best enemies. The All Blacks on the lawn of the Stade de France, for the opening match of the French World Championships.

75% win since last World Cup

What will happen to the heroes of the 2022 tournament in a year and a half? It is impossible to predict, even if one allows for some expectation after this Grand Slam, which will remain as a founding event. As in 2010, when XV of France had won five rounds of the tournament, a year before the final of the 2011 World Cup, they narrowly lost against the All Blacks (7–8).

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Are we moving at the same pace as in 2010? Several factors suggest yes. first one “The Arrow of Time”, Coach Fabian Galthy was unruly on Saturday, for using an expression dear to him. Already some darts had found their target: France’s XV surpassed the 75% win ratio since the last World Cup, chasing eight consecutive successes and beating all the major nations. World number one ahead of France in the world rankings, with the exception of South Africa, whom they will face in the next Test, just to plant a new ” Arrow “,

“A Very Disciplined Rugby”

There are many reasons to be optimistic for 2023. Coach Fabian Galthy has elements that have proven themselves throughout the history of the collective sport: he knew how to change habits without players who at first seemed indisputable. Indiscipline at the ground stages has disappeared and France’s XV is no longer showered with annoying penalties by referees. “The big difference between this French team and the team from two or three years ago is its great tactical discipline. They are developing a very disciplined rugby.” England coach Eddie Jones observed.

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The French rear’s traditional tenacity in defensive matters has also evaporated: the wingers and the other three-quarters have turned into ruthless tacklers. Individual talent is in the service of the group, which makes all the difference in a team sport.

But these various game elements are nothing without factor … luck. And Fabian Galthy had the pleasure (and the disposition) of being exposed to an extraordinary generation. A good chunk of those who lifted the tournament trophy on Saturday evening were world champions under 20 in 2018 or 2019.

world class player

“World Under 20, Grand Slam, everything went so fast and strong”, Cameron Wokey claimed the second row after the match, knowing that titles in juniors often herald a bright tomorrow in seniors. “Today, we were almost 26 and had an average of 24 selections. There’s no reason the team can’t improve.” Fabien Galthié. wants to believe,

In all lines of the game, France’s XV has at least one world-class player playing at a top-flight club: Cyril Belle in front row, Cameron Vocki in second, Gregory Alldritt in third. Damien Penaud on the wing, Gail Fikou in the middle. Not forgetting the famous hinge, without which the door to the oval Pantheon cannot open: Romain Nutmac, essential in No. 10, and the incredible Antoine Dupont, No. 9 and conductor.

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All major team sports formations are based on a group of outstanding instrumentalists led by a talented soloist. Football had Zinedine Zidane in 1998 and now benefits from Kylian Mbappe’s talent; Handball was worn by Nikola Karabetic and volleyball was worn by Ervin Ngapeth. Antoine Dupont could be the captain capable of taking his company to the top stage in 2023,


A Grand Slam record in spectators and spectators

Historic in the sporting history of France XV, Saturday 19 March will remain as the France-England match of the other record. Put up for sale after a win against the All Blacks the previous November (40–25), the Stade de France had 79,176 places to be taken in a flash, a figure that constitutes a record in the current configuration of the enclosure. Is. Fabian Galthy’s men have also been hits on television. An average of 8.95 million French people were in front of their posts on Saturday evening, with a peak of 10.5 million, a record broken for a tournament match.

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