France will classify countries into three categories for travel abroad

The government is working on a tricolor classification system for countries based on the intensity of the epidemic.

The government said Kovid-19 is working on a tricolor classification system for countries according to the intensity of the epidemic, especially for French people who want to travel abroad this summer, with the Secretary-in-charge of state tourism on Saturday Jean said. Baptiste Lemoyne.

«In relation to countries that are outside the European region, (…) there are some countries, as we can see, where variants are still very active, (…) and so we will work on lists and colors . It will contain green country, orange country, red country“, Explained to Jean-Baptiste Lemoyen in Europe. 1.”We are working on these lists with the government and our European partners“, she added.

The government hopes thatby the end of the month“, The AFP Secretary of State’s entry said, these lists will be updated according to the development of the epidemic in related areas. Britain has also planned a similar traffic light system to classify countries, including Brits in their Whether or not to be exempted from quarantine upon return.

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Seven countries

Currently, the European Union has defined a list of third countries whose passengers can be admitted to their territory, whether or not they are vaccinated against Kovid. It includes seven countries: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. However, officials of EU member states are responsible for removing travel restrictions on the countries included in the list.

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For travel between EU countries, the European Commission is preparing to establish a European health certificate, which it intends to commission before the end of June.

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