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In recent weeks, tensions between Paris and London have risen to the point that Boris Johnson has begun speaking French and France has threatened to cut off British electricity supplies from Normandy. connection between Frogs And have the roasts hit rock bottom? Settlement of accounts in video.

“Crap, finally!” conservative newspaper Sun don’t hide his jealousy Regarding France. Since the beginning of autumn, spirits are warming on both sides of the channel. But then why so much hate? We replayed the match on video, with John Henley, Europe correspondent for the British newspaper Guardian in Paris, and, on the other side of the ring, Sasha Mitchell, journalist in charge of the United Kingdom and Ireland international mail.

The list of complaints between the two countries is long. Relations began to deteriorate due to Covid-19, especially around the AstraZeneca vaccine: while the injection was carried out by a British-Swedish laboratory “National pride” In Britain, French President Emmanuel Macron claimed the vaccine was “virtually ineffective for those over 65”, Reminds us of our journalist. What sparks London’s outrage, prompts an immediate response. With the arrival of summer, the British government removed the quarantine requirement for all EU visitors, except the French: “an obviously political gesture”, John Henley explains.

“the climax” As happened with the Ocas in September, a defense treaty was signed between the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States: not only did the alliance lose France an important contract with Australia concerning submarines, but it is mainly “The fact that these negotiations took place in fact in secret, and not communicated to France until twenty-four hours before the announcement, hurt her”, decrypts the journalist Guardian.

“And then, of course, there’s‘Elephant in the Room’, the elephant in the room”; “the subject that acts as a kind of background noise” … Brexit and all its consequences, like disagreements over fishing. Paris criticized London for not issuing the promised French fishing licenses when Brexit was signed. “Financially, it weighs little, but symbolically, it is important”, John Henley remembers. Not only this, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Clement Bunin threatened to cut off the power supply sent from Normandy to England and Jersey Island.

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For many observers, Franco-British relations have been at their worst in decades. However, France and the United Kingdom are closely related: a form of“impossible love”, who makes them “Best Enemy”, The Yoga of Sasha Mitchell and John Henley.

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