France sees signs of great success in US as pandemic slows nationally (EXCLUSIVE)

Despite current travel restrictions, several high-profile American films and series are to be shot in France, including “John Wick: Chapter 4” by Lionsgate. Netflix’s “Grey Man.” Meanwhile, Starz’s mini-series “The Serpent Queen” is touring the south of France from April.

Paris has not hosted any major photoshoots in the United States for more than a year as France struggles to cope with various waves of the pandemic. The country has finally emerged from a lengthy lockdown, lifting most restrictions as cases of COVID-19 begin to decline and more residents are vaccinated. The 9 pm curfew is still in place, but it does not apply to film productions that are allowed to shoot at night with certification.

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Directed by Chad Stahelski, “John Wick: Chapter 4” will begin filming in France. Keanu Reeves, who directs the action-packed series and plays a retired assassin seeking revenge, is now in France and most recently living in the luxurious George V Hotel. The film will feature outdoor scenes in Paris, especially on the banks of the Seine, and will include scenes on an iconic bridge previously shown in Steven Spielberg’s “Munich”, among other films. The film – which will be shot for the first time in Berlin, Germany and the famed Babelsberg studio – will be shot in France for two weeks. The plot is still kept secret but we know that the action mainly takes place in Paris and Berlin.

Another mass production to be shot in Paris is “Grey Man” by Joe and Anthony Russo, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Netflix’s most financially ambitious film to date, “The Gray Man” will be shot at Chateau de Chantilly near Paris, a palace built in 19th century for Henri d’Orléans, son of the last king of France, Louis. The palace was built. Philip. Like “John Wick: Chapter 4”, “The Gray Man” will be shot in France for two weeks.

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“These productions have been going on for months and could not have come sooner because of strict travel restrictions and lockdown measures,” said Michele Gomez, general representative of Mission Cinema, the organization that coordinates filming in the capital. French.

Both films would benefit from a 30% tax credit for international films, which require foreign productions to shoot in the country for at least five days and spend at least 250,000 euros ($305,511) in the country. Does matter. Productions can also benefit from an additional tax credit of 10% if they have visual effects made in France as in “La Reine Serpent”.

The 16th-century drama, produced by Starz Lionsgate Television and 3 Arts Entertainment, has been filmed in studios from April to Marseille in the south of France and from Provence. Filming is currently taking place in a palace known as the Château de Clemenceau.

Bened and executive produced by Justin Heath (“The Way of the Revolution”), an eight-part series starring Samantha Morton as Catherine de Medici, and based on the book “Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France” by Leonie Frieda.

The international cast also includes Amrita Acharya (“Game of Thrones”), Enzo Celente (“Free Fire”), Barry Atsama (“The Assassin’s Bodyguard”) and Ludivin Sanier (“Lupin”).

“It’s a big five-month photo shoot that ends in September. This is one of the biggest photos we’ve ever taken here, with beautiful decorations and costumes,” said an executive who finished production. There were 465 people together.”

At present, a seven-day quarantine is mandatory for travelers going from the US and the UK to France. The French government is expected to make quarantine advice, rather than mandatory, for American travelers from June 9, to make it easier for more American products to enter France. However, the health protocol for buds in France is not as strict as in many other countries because testing is not mandatory and results are not publicly released without permission.

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