France-Presidente: 500 French artists announce their vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round

Several French artists, including writers, singers and actors, signed a forum saying they would vote for Emmanuel Macron by condemning Marine Le Pen’s racist program. French athletes before him had made the same announcement.

Actor Guillaume Canet, singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, writer Marc Levy, rapper Black M, and many others from the world of culture in France have indicated that they will vote for Emmanuel Macron “without hesitation” in the second round of the French presidential election. . , scheduled for April 24.

“Actresses and actors of the world of culture, live performances, we sometimes have (…) deep disagreements with the power”, he announced in a forum that he signed, noting that in spite of everything , they would vote for Emmanuel Macron because “nothing in Marine Le Pen’s program brings us closer to the history of France which is resistant, humanistic, liberal and open to the world”.

“On April 10, for the third time in the history of the Fifth Republic, the far right is at the door of power, in the second round of presidential elections. She has never been so close to victory. What used to be called the Republican Front today is collapsing. We are shocked by this,” wrote the cast.

“But if for some of us the result of this first round was not expected (…) then there is no hesitation for us (…) we are not putting the same plan democracy and populism,” he said. .

Among these actors are singer Enrico Macias, Thomas Dutronque, Mathieu Chedid, or actor Fabrice Luchini, and actors Gilles Lelouche, Vincent Delorme, Jane Birkin, in total, about 500 actors from the world of French culture have announced their for Emmanuel Macron. Rally.

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“We cannot imagine, at the head of France, a candidate whose program is made up of xenophobia and withdrawal, a candidate aligned with totalitarian and armistice powers”, he said, of Marine Le Pen’s relationship with Russia. Referring to

“We cannot imagine the feeling of the Ukrainian people being invaded, bombed and killed when they learn that we have chosen a comrade of the head of the Kremlin to lead our country,” he said.

In France, the cultural artist is among sports actors who have also announced their intention to vote for President Emmanuel Macron. His column was published Tuesday on Le Parisien, and these athletes include former basketball player Tony Parker and former swimmer Laure Manoudou.

“While we are fully aware of the difficulties that many French people are going through, we are convinced that voting for a party that jeopardizes Republican values ​​will be the worst possible solution,” he said.

The results of the first round of presidential elections in France gave Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen a lead in the vote, followed by leftist leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Two candidates for the second round will be decided on April 24.

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