France plans to “seriously” suspend flights and trains from Great Britain


According to information from BFMTV, France is seriously considering suspending flights and trains from Great Britain. A decision will be announced during the day, the media indicates. Paris will be looking for European coordination.


A government official told AFP that Belgium would suspend flights and trains to the United Kingdom from midnight Sunday, searching for a new version of the coronovirus.

Prime Minister Alexander de Crew told Belgian television VRT that the suspension period would be at least 24 hours.


Germany is considering “truth” The suspension of flights from the United Kingdom and South Africa after the discovery of a version of Kovid-19 in these countries, a government source told AFP on Sunday.

“Air traffic ban from Great Britain and South Africa is a serious option” Currently under review by Berlin, this source said close to the Ministry of Health.


The Dutch government suspended all passenger flights from the United Kingdom until Sunday 1 January following a search in the Netherlands in the case of contamination with a new version of the Coronavirus roaming the United Kingdom.

Dutch Ministry of Health “Recommends that any introduction of this type of virus from the UK be limited and the movement of passengers from the UK is controlled.”.

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