France/Islam Forif to replace French Muslim Worship Council

France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron met with the country’s religious officials at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gerald Darminin. In front of representatives of Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, he made a speech, during which, despite the reduction of 17%, he mentioned anti-religious acts (insults, vandalism, profanity, etc.). ), 1380 points between January and October 2021.

So he preached a vigil against these acts as well as hate speech. The confusion could not be clarified. But above all, it should be remembered that Emmanuel Macron, as chief negotiator of the French executive, endorsed the creation of the Forum de l’Islam de France (Forif), a form of representation of Islam based on departmental actors. The so-called “consular” Islam that found its refuge under the supervision of federations of mosques from countries (Morocco, Turkey, Algeria …). Until then, and since 2003, the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) was the negotiator for public authorities in France. But Emmanuel Macron promised to practice on the CFCM, among other things “extreme pressure” For the purpose of setting up training courses, labeling and certifying imams, it is therefore disillusioned.

Forif’s ambition is to pursue urgent issues such as the training and status of religious officials (imams and clergy), which have been stalled for years due to differences between the eight Muslim federations – UMF, GMP, MF, CCMTF, CIMG France, RMF, and MILF. FFAIACA and FP. If the forif prospered, they, who are often accused of being an instrument of “consular Islam”, would actually be marginalized. For CFCM President Mohamed Moussoui, it is good for bad.” It is a question of developing the existing authorities. This improvement includes an overhaul of the CFCM “, did he declare. However, Moussoui was, until recently, the historical negotiator of public officials.” The views of representative bodies from departments, this is my long standing position, I am happy. “, she added.

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In short, “structure”like islam“Friend of the Republic”,Emmanuel Macron advocated in his fight against“separatism”, is gradually being installed along with forif. The latter, which takes over from the ATIF, Territorial Assessment of Islam in France, aims to prevent the total paralysis to which the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) has fallen for a year. This is not to offend a man, Interior Minister Gerald Darmin who finds himself in the spotlight. During a territorial assessment last spring, he urged princes to bring out Muslim actors willing to join. He was eventually successful in bringing together a hundred people to study the very concrete problems facing mosques and religious workers. Thus the “elected officials” worked on topics such as the training of religious officials, the prevention of anti-Muslim acts, the application of the “Religious Law” section of the law against separatism, voting in the summer of 2021, and clergy (atonement). and hospital). They are to report by the end of this month or early February.

The French executive is playing the cards of players in the field against an ‘oligopoly paralyzing federation’, by electing Forif, with the sole aim of seeing the emergence of a new body of ‘worthy’ and credible spokespersons and above. All according to their choice.

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