France imposed 7-day quarantine on British visitors; Cannes looking for solutions for the participants

Update, 05:20: The Cannes Film Festival is seeking solutions to potential travel problems for British representatives due to the French government’s decision to implement a mandatory seven-day quarantine for arrivals from the country.

For now, we know that there are daily conversations with competent French officials on this issue at the Cannes Film Festival. It is expected to be able to give a clear picture of the situation to Britons planning to attend the festival in early June. Discussions have potential leeway for executives and talent coming from the UK, but it will be up to the French government to decide.

No more time limit

Formerly, 2:00 AM: The French government has imposed a seven-day self-isolation period for people coming from Britain, which will be effective from 31 May.

The move was taken in response to concerns about the so-called ‘Indian version’ (B.1.617.2), which has seen an increase in the number of cases in the UK in recent weeks and has been shown to be more communicative than others . Forms of virus. . However, a recent study found that two injections of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines, like the others, are effectively safer than the Indian version.

Overall, the number of UK covids remains low and a slight increase in recent cases may also be partially linked to a relaxation of lockdown restrictions earlier this month.

The French government does not want to take any risk. Covid cases in the country have steadily declined in the past one month, from around 60,000 per day in early April to close to 12,000 yesterday (May 26). Britain, which carried out a rapid vaccination program, reported only 3,000 cases yesterday.

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The rules will have no effect on French nations or inhabitants. Passengers who are ready to accept the seven-day quarantine also require a “compelling reason” to travel and will still need to undergo a negative test before departure. The period of self-isolation is slightly shorter than visitors from countries such as Brazil, India, Argentina and Turkey.

If these rules remain, they are likely to have an impact on UK travelers planning to attend the Cannes Film Festival in July. The new measure was announced last night and more information will be available in the coming days, but at the moment it does not appear that business travelers will be exempted from it, with the exception of the carrier.

France had previously said that fully vaccinated British travelers would be welcomed without quarantine from 9 June. Other European countries have also decided to ban passengers from the UK in response to the Indian version, including Germany and Austria, while other countries such as Spain have recently reopened for UK travelers as they remain economically important The tours try to kick-start the season.

Travelers to the United States currently have to show a compelling reason to enter France, even if it is work-related. These rules are expected to be relaxed from 9 June, after the European Union’s “health pass” is introduced, which would indicate full vaccination status or recent negative testing. The CDC currently advises against all travel to France.

As with Kovid as usual, the situation remains fluid.

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