France, he loses his job and returns home to his parents: his father keeps him locked up in the attic for months

A seventy-year-old man is suspected to have abducted his 39-year-old son in the attic and was deprived of food for several months in a small village in the Upper Rhine, France. Arrested on charges of holding his son hostage for at least “four months”, the man will be brought before a judge.

The case erupted on Wednesday evening, when sex workers were called in to tell the story of the violence: A woman reported that her husband was shot by her son in the Malmerspack, about thirty kilometers from Mulhouse, a city of about 500 souls. Was. In the east of France.

The 39-year-old, who admitted to killing her father, was taken to Mulhouse’s emergency room to check on her health. On the way, however, the man said that he did not feel very well, nor had he eaten enough recently. At the hospital, his extreme condition, which provoked “images of prisoners in the camps”, shook doctors: a sunken face, with ribs stretched. Questioned, he explained that he returned to his parents’ home about a year ago after losing. work. The father, seeing that his son is doing nothing to get him, therefore decides to lock him in the attic, forbidding him to eat.

Driven by hunger, he states that he tries to get out of the attic at night to eat the remaining food. But his father, who had noticed, blocked him. Exhausted, the 39-year-old beat her father. When questioned by the agents, neighbors said they did not heed the son’s return.

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