France / Covid: improvement of epidemiological indicators, possible elimination of controversial “

The French government has paved the way for a possible elimination or even abandonment of the controversial “health pass” if health indicators associated with the COVID-19 pandemic continue to improve.

According to Public Health France, 7,414 new coronavirus infections were recorded on Saturday, compared to 9,601 on September 11, as the country recorded a decline in the number of new cases by more than 22% in a week. The positivity rate now stands at 1.6%, and is the lowest since mid-July.

A total of 8,912 patients of Kovid-19 were admitted to various hospitals in France on Saturday, compared to 9,070 on Friday. Of those hospitalized, 1,837 are in critical care, with 68 new admissions recorded on Saturday. Public Health France has also identified 42 deaths.

Improvements in epidemiological indicators prompted the executive to differentiate by regions of “sanitary passes”, or at least the possible abandonment of “sanitary passes”.

The “health pass”, which takes the form of a QR code testifying to a completed immunization programme, for negativity of a Covid-19 test or recovery from the disease, to reach more than a hundred shopping centers and stores from August 9 became mandatory. 20,000 square meters in France.

Its lifting was fixed by law for 15 November, but the government opened the way for the device’s expansion beyond this date after the development of the health crisis.

“If the situation continues to improve, we can gradually ease restrictions where the virus least spreads first, then across the region. This relief may include health passes,” Health Minister Olivier Veran said. Le Parisien, said in the newspaper column, is in favor of the option of a differentiated end according to the status of the pandemic.

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According to the minister, today there are “reasons to hope” that the worst of the pandemic had passed on the frontlines, at the same time a welcome vaccination rate in France, where 74.2% of the population was previously vaccinated.

“We have not seen new more infectious and vaccine-resistant variants this summer. The vaccination coverage in our country is exceptional: soon 9 out of 10 eligible French people will be vaccinated. We remain vigilant, we will disarm in the coming months.” There will be no. But we want the French to be able to breathe as soon as possible, ”said the minister.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 50,049,150 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is equivalent to 74.2% of the population, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health . Of these people, 47,538,919 are fully vaccinated, or 70.5% of the population.

For his part, government spokesman Gabriel Atal announced on Sunday that the track of a “local health pass” would be studied at a defense council next Wednesday.

“Can we adapt things in a certain number of areas? A defense council is being held next Wednesday. We hope to be able to adapt our rules and therefore the health passes for the spread of the virus.” (…) But I’d prefer that we keep sanitary passes instead of re-adding,” said a BFMTV spokesperson.

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