France / Covid-19: a test concert by the Indochina group for the needs of a scientific study

Some 5,000 spectators have an appointment on Saturday to dance to the sound of the hit French group Indochina and to re-watch the atmosphere of live during a concert with a scientific study, in the pits of Bercy’s concert hall in Paris . Awaited by a sector hit by Kovid-19.

No distancing, but mandatory mask. And to honor the 9:00 pm (7:00 pm GMT) curfew in France, the free concert begins at tea time, with the first electro part from 5:00 pm (3:00 pm GMT) Is provided. The figure of “French Touch” िनेtienne de Crécy, before the arrival of Indochina Nicola Sircis and the singer of his band.

Indochina, a veteran French group formed in 1981 that filled the stadiums and whose hits, from “L’Aventurier” to “I Ask the Moon”, have passed through generations, postponing a year after the stage. Returns to (in spring-summer 2022) his 40 years of touring due to a health crisis.

Already being used elsewhere in Europe, the experiment became a sea serpent in France, where it was postponed several times. This ultimately occurs against the backdrop of a clear improvement in health status for all adults two days before the start of vaccination.

But the stakes are high for the entertainment sector, which resumes in dotted lines, with a distance, despite the green light for concerts sitting since 19 May.

For now, permanent festivals are authorized this summer in France, but with a limit of 4 m2 per person.

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