France 2 will finally air all episodes this summer

Saturday 25 June, France 2 aired the first episode drag race france, in the second half of the evening, on exceptional grounds. The idea was to support the launch of this drag-queens competition aimed at the public service platform France TV Slash. On the strength of this audience success – attended by around 914,000 viewers – the channel decided to review its plans. It declares, in particular 20 minutesThat the entire season, starting this Saturday, July 2, will finally be broadcast Fort Boyard: Always Strong!In the middle of the night

The site retains exclusivity for the first broadcast of each of the remaining seven episodes, which will be aired online every Thursday at 8 pm.

“A long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion”

“In this ever-changing world, it is important to be able today, to be able to speak to all of our audiences, relying on the complementarity between our linear antennas and our France.TV platform, thanks to which Delphine Arnotte Kunsi and Stephan Seitbahn -Gomez has a very strong ambition”, indicates 20 minutes Alexandra Redde-Emile, director of entertainment and sport at FRANCE TELES. aim is to make drag race france accessible to the widest possible audience. She continues: “This is a long-standing commitment by France Television in favor of diversity, inclusion and tolerance. It is a great pride to offer this program and to promote and discover this art among the general public. »

Among the half-dozen conversions of the franchise drag race Internationally – Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand also have their own versions – only the French version has the right to be broadcast on the public channel. Most of the foreign adaptations are only available for streaming – drag race italia It was scheduled several weeks after it was streamed online on the private Discovery+ channel.

“All the spectators gathered around the show”

first episode of drag race france Posted on on Saturday evening, got off to a very satisfying start. “We will be interacting with a consolidated audience on D+7. But, as of today, the airing of the first episode has equated to a good launch of a fiction series on the site, believes Alexandra Redde-Emil. We are more enthusiastic. ,

The patron saint of public service entertainment also states that “all the public gathered around the show” during the episode’s broadcast on France 2 in the second half of the evening on Saturday. “We set extremely interesting and encouraging targets for the future: 11.5%, 12.9% for women over 15, 10.2% for men over 15, 10.4% for working people, CSP + 12.4% or 10.3% for 25-59 year olds”, she specifies.

drag race france is an adaptation of the American concept RuPaul’s Drag Race, was created in 2009 and whose cult aura, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community, has consolidated over the years. Presented by Nikki Doll, ten drag-queens take part in this first tricolor season, surrounded by two permanent jurors, Daphne Burki and Kiddie Smile. In each episode, candidates present themselves to different challenges by using their sense of humour, fashion, comedy and allowing them to reveal their various talents. A queen is removed at the end of each episode. During the final, only one will be crowned the “Superstar Drag-Queen”.

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