Fox News: Billions sued – TV station places presenter and Trump fan in front of door

Lou Dobbs was one of the most recognized faces on the conservative television channel Fox News. Repeated Trump supporters stirred, now his time at Fox is over.

  • One of the most loyal supporters Donald Trump Media is losing its broadcast in the world. Lo dobs Won’t be soon Fox News Medium.
  • Dub Conspiracy theories were repeatedly spread on television 2020 presidential election Fox Sport.
  • All news about former US President can be found. Trump-news.

New York – Lo dobs Is one of the most loyal followers Donald TrumpAs an intermediary Fox News They offered pre us President A wider platform. Now he has to Moderator in their place Vixen To empty

Defended on his talk show Dub His statue is final. among other things conspiracy theoryThat Trump And this Republican The American presidential election “Theft” was often a theme in his program. Still lacking evidence Dub Lie and hope remain Donald Trump But still the choice tip, can be faithful.

Fox News host Dobbs looking for evidence of alleged election fraud against Donald Trump

Two weeks after the election, on December 2, he said on his broadcast: “This is fraud, this is a politically corrupt Justice Department in Washington, DC, a politically corrupt FBI”. He later said that “there is no silence Surrender of this Constitutional Republic“will give.

Fox News has split from presenter Lou Dobbs. Dobbs is considered a supporter of Donald Trump. (Archive photo)

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Held even two months after the election Dub On election victory Trumps Said that evidence was still lacking. So he quickly expanded it conspiracy theory, The evidence allegedly being withheld on purpose. “It’s been eight weeks since the election and we still don’t have any solid, concrete evidence of the crimes that everyone knows,” Dobbs said. “We know it happened in Nevada, we know it happened in Pennsylvania and some other states. Still, we find it hard as hell to find actual evidence of this. Why?” Two days later, the hardliners Angry mob created fierce Trumphanghorn The Capitol.

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Donald Trump supporter: presenter Lou Dobbs accuses Smartmatic of voting machine fraud

Worked hard as well Dub, “Fraud” demo Voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic There was no evidence, again, of course, to blame. It is claimed that their voting machines can be tampered with, which could severely damage the UK company image. The group responded and protested, Dub A video was to appear on his show that exposed and corrected his lies. The arbitrator did not admit his mistakes. Instead, he directed the video, stating, “There are many opinions about integrity likePostal voting irregularities, Voting machine And voting software “. Why admit mistakes in an election that “everyone knows” was manipulated.

Smartmatic Showing the video was not enough. Defamation case against the company Vixen Because his business was “irreparably damaged by conspiracies and dissolution of electoral frauds” the disputed amount: $ 2.7 billion. The day after the trial, the news came that Lo dobs not anymore Vixen Will Work.

Fox News: Changes in program to blame Trump supporters

According to the broadcaster, the exit is Dub Nothing to do with the multi-billion dollar lawsuit. This is the result of ongoing discussions about program change in the company. Also accused of Smartmatic Shows Vixen back. “We are proud of our coverage 2020 election And will vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit in court, ”the company said in a statement.

Whether expulsion Dobbs’ Actually nothing to do with the lawsuit. Perhaps the station wanted to get rid of the controversial presenter for some time, as it regularly caused scandals in the past. In addition, the relationship between Dub And Vixen Not the best since the presenter opposes his broadcaster. The only thing for Dub Really counts over the years Donald Trump. When he called the soldiers “losers” and “sucker” (sucker), he opposed himself VixenHis reporting from the claim was false.

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Trump – combine with Vixen Is broken – seems very grateful for the service Lo dobs On the media front in the last few years. Friday came out Dub The broadcast has been canceled, with the former president publishing a message: “Lo dobs Is and was great. Nobody loves america Lu. He had a large and loyal person who would follow his next steps closely, and included the following. “(Sebastian Richter)

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