Fourth dose extended for people age 60 and older: A vaccination campaign is planned for the fall

Administration of the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 has been extended to Quebecers age 60 and older, while another vaccination campaign is planned for the fall.

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The protection offered by the vaccine begins to decline after five months, says the national director of public health, D.R Luke Boileau.

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That’s why, starting tomorrow, people age 70 and older will be able to make an appointment to receive their fourth dose. People in their 60s will be eligible starting Monday, April 11. Note that an interval of at least three months is required between the first and second booster doses of the vaccine.

If D is to be believed, the Younger Nationals will probably have to wait a bit longer before rolling up their sleeves again.R Jean Longtin, microbiologist doctor and clinical expert in support of the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Management of Epidemiology. “There will definitely be a vaccination campaign, but in the fall,” he slipped. It is the Quebec Immunization Committee that must determine who will be targeted by this campaign.

Masks for the whole month of April

the dR Luc Boileau also confirmed that the obligation to wear masks in indoor public places will be extended until April 30.

According to him, there is “a chance” that this health measure is still in place in Quebec. Some jurisdictions elsewhere in the country would have preferred to still require face coverings in their area, in light of the 6 limit.And wave, he said at a news conference in Quebec.

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“Living with the virus does not mean forgetting it. It means being careful,” added DeeR Boileau. He believes that the mask is “not a major obstacle” in the circumstances and he does not fear civil disobedience around the maintenance of instruction.

Officials will “re-evaluate” the status of wearing masks again by the end of the month.

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