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Criticism has been that this Fortanite season has been too much of a Marvel ad, that the game’s first crossover battle pass had too many crossovers under Fortnite too little. But with tonight’s season-end fireworks and all the marble effects seemingly gone, Epic has left its game on a giant cliffhanger, and Fortnit has moved on to Fortnit’s own interior.

Let’s recover. Throughout the season, the Marvel planet has been getting closer and closer to being tempted to have a delicious breakfast at the almighty Zero Point on the gable galactus fornite. (This is the shiny Arabian thing that lived under Loot Lake on the old map and probably hides under this new map)

Fortnight’s servers hit the capacity of about 12 million players last year – so it was encouraging to be hit an hour earlier tonight.

Tonight’s live event, which seems to have become technically well-organized, brought Galactus into the world of Fortnite in a series of screenplays featuring the vocal comedy of Mirror Man, Thor and Wolverine. You were the star of the show, Tony Stark gave a jetpack as a gift and went inside a battle bus tightened with explosives. Plan? Drive to Galactas. Don’t miss out

So a set of elaborate on-rail sequences followed where you used the bus in the background to fire missiles, then drove along the giant surface of the Galactus after a thrust of Thor – a clear rifle on a Death Star Trench run – you don’t stand. Till then, it was said goodbye to Iron Man (“We had a little laugh right ?!”) and goodbye to all of Marvel, with the Galactus exploding and all the signs of that universe seemingly handed over to the housemates.

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Cut in black, and … well, you’re back in a familiar-looking office, which belongs to a familiar-looking John Jones. Earlier seen in the game’s latest big live event, this fourth wall-breaking area appeared as a completely different world, with an office of competent staff trying to break down the looping reality of the island’s residents on the battlefield. Around last time, Jones seemed to be in control of the situation – at least until one character escaped the simulation for good. This time? Jones was cool on his back, and it was the panic station all around.

And with that, it was really the end – some big questions open up to what happened. What will happen next season? In which state did the island remain after the zero point of Galactus spread? Is Fortanite simulation still going on?

Forna It is now in the midst of its second extended downtime period – although it will be less than last year’s two-day black hole. The game will return tomorrow morning, UK time.

In the meantime, there are plenty of chewing gum for Fortuneite fans. The zero point of this new map has been unveiled and it was under all agencies. Inside Iron Man appeared to enclose Galactus, an area that was first spotted at the Games ’2018 Butterfly Live event. And with all this Shennigan, of course John Jones is being fired? Not obviously – he’s already teasing next season’s characters …

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Re-watch tonight’s event in full below:

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