Fortnite leaves beta and is officially released on the platform

After several months of beta, Epic Games’ colorful battle-royal has officially been released on the GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

For the first time since the confrontation between Apple and Epic, the mobile version of fortnite Optimized for touchscreens is now officially available on Android and iOS. Have the two giants buried the hatchet? not necessarily; the return of fortnite GeForce Now on iPhones is done through Nvidia’s cloud gaming service.

As customers know, GeForce Now app is not present on iPhone. However, the service is still directly accessible through any browser. And don’t panic, if this access mode might seem like DIY at first glance, it works well enough.

Nvidia recalls that this launch follows a beta period of several months during which “Over 500,000 people have streamed over 4 million Fortnite sessionsThrough GeForce Now, much of it is on iOS. This beta allowed Nvidia to customize the game’s touch interface; it should now be more intuitive, but also more responsive than it introduced last January Should be.

A small victory for Epic against Apple

Remember that this situation took root in the long legal battle between Epic and Apple. The App Store, highly regarded by Tim Sweeney’s troops, was the first to rise to the plate against the tax demanded by Apple. After several provocative trading maneuvers that went directly against the guidelines of the platform, fortnite Completely evicted.

After dozens of hours of lawsuits and injunctions, the colorful battle-royale still hasn’t found its way into the App Store, but never mind; With GeForce Now, Nvidia has opened up a way that allows Epic to run its games on iPhones without even asking the firm for its opinion. And as you might expect, Tim Sweeney didn’t hesitate to make this big thug a reality as soon as possible. It remains to be seen how popular the cloud version of fortnite on iOS.

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