Fortnite: Epic and Epic attack in the UK

Epic Games selects UK as new territory to attack Apple and Google Fortnite. The group has filed a complaint with British Justice for Apple and Google for changing its rules at the App Store and Play Store levels.

The company believes that Apple’s decision is to withdraw Fortnite Was illegal from the App Store. Epic made the move after offering in-game purchases without going through Apple’s payment service. Players could pay directly, which was left over by Apple’s 30% commission. App store rules prohibit such behavior. In addition, Epic Games believes that Apple has misused what presents it as a dominant position.

Epic Games said in a statement that it is a complaint against Apple and Google of the UK “There is an important argument made by consumers and developers (…) who are affected by the abuse of power by Apple and Google. We look forward to defending our cases on 21 January. “The group assured that it does not want damages in this case, whether it is in the United Kingdom, the United States or elsewhere. “It is a matter of demanding fair access and competition that will benefit all consumers”, Said the epic game.

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