Fornite returns with big changes from downtime and a new part of its own story EurogameNet

Last night, Fortnit said goodbye to its Marvel season at a game-changing live event that erased all traces of its superheroes.

Today, around 9am UK time – Fortnite returns and picks up the piece from that big cliffhanger. We’re back to a familiar map – although there are some significant changes.

For those who like to focus Fortnite on the core and main characters of their story, there seems to be much more to New Chapter 2 Season 5 – although there is a guest presence from Star Wars’ Mandalarian and Baby Yoda.

This season, appropriate agents watching Fortnight’s reality are trying to prevent more characters from escaping its loop. This means Agent Jonsi himself has entered the game and is taking a team of grace hunters for help. (Which explains Mando)

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“Zero Point has been unveiled,” the new season press release reads, “but no one can escape the loop, not on your watch. ”

In the game, there are new quests and the ability to receive grants that honor the bars, a coin used to rent characters as allies in matches or to spend on weapons from vendors.

Manke is included in the battle pass – A cowboy made from flapjack, A cool-looking anime character, a tough-looking skeleton gladiator and the Mandalarian himself others

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A huge desert has been added to the 5-season map, with new areas of interest covering the central region where Zero Point is now open include a gladiator arena called Kalsal Coliseum, a hilltop called Hunters Haven, a mysterious walled area called Stealthy Stronghold and Include a new remix

(Longtime Fortnite fans will immediately note a series of reflections of ideas from the first chapter of the game as an introduction to the fifth season in a desert region))

Below are some of our first (official) characters to pass this season’s battle, including the Flapjack Cowboys mentioned above.

Finally, this season’s press release ends with an interesting line about other (probably non-combat passes, so pay for) crossover characters coming later this season:

“The island’s hunters come first from outside the loop … Throughout the season, Agent Jones will bring more hunters out of reality. Who else will be after that?”

Famous fictional grace hunter, right? Surely the dumb is screaming well? Or … Lovo? And from video games … Agent 47? Than ?! Samus Aran? !!

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