Formula 1 | Sprint qualifiers: Brawn tells ‘traditionalists’ to be more open-minded

To revitalize Friday and Saturday, and to attract skilled young spectators in shorter formats, F1 has scheduled the organization of 3 sprint qualifying this year, including the first at Silverstone next month. This innovation was not without arousing some negative reactions, whether it was among the pilots or some fans…

Ross Brawn, manager of motorsports for Liberty Media, and the great promoter of sprint qualifying, therefore wanted to answer the spirits he considers too conservative…

“Traditionalists, I understand them. I sympathize with this point of view and understand it.”

“They like the format of the Grand Prix weekend and they like to see the qualifying lead for the final grid. I’m just asking them to keep an open mind.”

Ross Brawn reminds that F1 does not intend to rush things by taking the time to test three…

“If it is clearly not successful we will never force it. If the public is not involved then there is no point in doing it. If we do not see strong participation of fans and do not see the benefits, then it should be done. There’s no reason to force.”

“It’s three races, it’s not the season. Formula 1 has always struggled in the past because when it adjusted something, it was there for the whole season.”

“We all remember a qualifying failure a few years back, which fortunately was corrected during the season. I think everyone expected it to be difficult and it was.”

“So these are the three events where we’re going to test this format and if it’s not successful, if we don’t get the response we’re expecting, then we’ll be like today and we’ll look at others. Initiatives. . “

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“But I would tell the conservatives to wait and see if they like the format, and I hope they do.” This is an addition to the weekend, we get fans on Saturday and then they join us and follow the GP on Sunday, it will be a success. “

And to take the example of Ross Brawn another sport, less known to the French, this is true but much more so to fans in the United Kingdom…

“I don’t like to draw parallels, but with the shorter format in cricket we have seen a much better entry now because the shorter format has attracted fans. “

“We have to be nimble, but not change too quickly to the point of confusing fans and alienating our traditional fans. So it’s about finding that balance and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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