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Today’s Formula 1 There is a sophisticated game, recognized worldwide, symbolizing a rich bouquet of values ​​and offers that are quickly transferred to the brands that sponsor the competition. Speed, technology, passion, Teamwork and innovation are among the most important values ​​we often find in the mission and vision of many large companies around the world. For this reason, from the 1960s to the present day, advertisements in Formula 1 have always proved to be very effective for brands that want to break out of anonymity and are known to millions.

But there is more. Choose a program Sponsorship in formula one It means being part of a special and highly reputed club of excellence: the most important brands and the most influential companies in the world are part of it. and not only Formula 1 It is an extraordinary vehicle for B2C, but also of B2B.
From visibility opportunities on cars to track billboards Hospitality, For exclusive communication rights, high-impact storytelling on social media, the marketing possibilities related to Formula 1 are numerous and fully suited to the objectives, ambitions and needs of each individual sponsor.

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