Formula 1 back on the Nevers-Magny-course circuit? not that easy

The sound reverberated for several kilometers. On the tarmac, Ferrari flirts with Renault. McLarens comes close to Toyotas. BMW sows Honda. Formula 1 (F1) engines roar and roar around Magny Courts. The show was praised by 78,000 viewers.

we are in 2008 (Video) And the Nivernais circuit is hosting the F1 Grand Prix de France for the last time. It took ten years for the country to host an event once again.

Formula 1 is always there

Since 2018, the race has moved further south on Paul-Ricard asphalt at Le Castellet (Var). This retreat was notably driven by the former motorcycle pilot who became president of the Paça region and now the mayor of Nice: Christian Estrosi. That year, on Canal+’s microphone, seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, declared: “Honestly, I don’t like it, just to be clear with you. I loved it when we did the Grand Prix at Magny-Cours.” Felt. Circuit du Castellet is in a beautiful location, but the track, when I say I don’t like it, is not as good as Magny-Cours. »

If you have queens, kings, jacks you can start chatting

F1 has never really left the department. Even if the competitions have disappeared from the Nievere, the circuit will still be approved for such races. “We maintain and modernize the circuit every year”, specifies Fabian Bazin, chairman of the department.

Serge Saullier, president of the Société Anonyme d’Economie Mixte Sportive (Sems) of the circuit of Nevers-Magny-Course, insisted: “Many big teams come to try their vehicles on the circuit”. This is for example the case of the Alpine F1 team that made a comeback last year with a certain Fernando Alonso, a Spanish driver who, after a stint in endurance, also returned to Formula 1.

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“Between the Var department, the metropolis of Toulon or even the Provence-Alpes-Cte d’Azur region, the planets were politically aligned”, underlined the chairman of the departmental council.

State, Nièvre. The only public body for such project in

“You should also be aware that the budget of the Pacca region is twice that of the former Burgundy region”, says Serge Saullier, president of the Sams circuit of Nevers-Magny-Cours. He likens the talks for a potential Formula 1 Grand Prix return to poker. He explains: “If you have queens, kings, jacks, you can start talking. On the other hand, if you only have small cards with nothing on the back, it’s more complicated”.

To host the Grand Prix, the promoter would have to pay the stables, i.e. buy the rights to organize round one of the World Championships. “You have to count several tens of millions of euros minimum”, says Serge Saullier. In the United Kingdom, the Silverstone circuit would have paid around €25 million per year. “The figures are confidential”, explains Eric Boullier, director of the Public Interest Group (GIP) of the Grand Prix de France. “Today, the interest of cities for F1 is more and more important. Supply exceeds demand and therefore prices may rise. »

According to Serge Saullier, for F1 to be able to return to Nivre, the state must commit to and support the Grand Prix de France. At present, the sector does not have sufficiently wealthy financiers to invest in the promotion of magni-course without state support. It is the only body that has been able to partially finance such a project.

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Le Castellet remains in the running

The Le Castellet round will require a check of 21 million euros per grand prix paid to Formula One Management (FOM), the body responsible for funding and promoting Formula 1 in the world. In Le Castellet, the state has not invested in organizing this world championship event.

The mayor and president of the Agglomeration of Nevers, Denis Thuriot, called for a possible return of the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the asphalt of Nevers-Magny-Cours, during the European Telecom Summit. He particularly recalled the idea of ​​a possible alternative between the Paul-Ricard and Magny-Cours circuits in organizing these Formula 1 Grand Prix championship rounds.

Like Americans, We Want a Superbowl at Every Grand Prix

The contract of GIP, the organizer of the event at Le Castellet, expires at the end of this year. This deadline can prove to be a boon for Magni-course. “A lot of money is at stake. As Serge Saulnier said, this is poker. We have to keep our assets and our cards,” comments Fabian Bazin.

Contacted, the management of the Paul-Ricard circuit did not wish to comment on Nevers’s mayor’s remarks. The directors of the GIP also emphasize the environmental value of the circuit and race. “The F1 Grand Prix de France is the first to receive the highest level of environmental certification from the FIA. We are the first to receive three stars along the Paul-Ricard circuit. »

Eric Boullier says: “To make a wish is one fact, to see it come true is another. The choice is up to Formula One management. Their specifications have been greatly enriched over time. Like Americans, we see every Grand Prix I want a Superbowl.

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Greater Grand Prix Ongoing

In late March, the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) announced the holding of the third Grand Prix in the United States in Las Vegas. There will then be 25 possible Grand Prix. However, the Concorde Agreements signed by 2025 and which govern all economic and administrative rules of F1 approved by all participating teams limit the number of rounds to 24. The FIA, however, has mentioned the idea of ​​a championship with 30 grands prix. So multiple circuits can get the chance, provided they have the required budget.

“There are promoters whose agreements are about to expire and some of the current Grand Prix will probably no longer be part of the calendar,” explains Stefano Domenicali, president of the Formula One group, over Sky Sport F1’s microphone. “They don’t want to renew or renew. It’s just not our choice. It’s not just Las Vegas, there are other cities that are interested in Formula 1. We are well connected in the US and China. I think it’s likely to happen in Africa soon as well.”

soon in South Africa

The prestigious car race may also be invited to South Africa. “I think there is a possibility to increase to 25”, continues Stefano Domenicali. “I would also say going up to 30 is a possibility?! It’s up to us to try to strike the right balance, looking at what places want to be in F1 and what historical values ​​we want to see on the calendar. is required. “

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